Q. What is PureRXO.com?

A. PureRXO.com is a simple web-based ecommerce platform that allows you to sell supplements to your patients in minutes. We provide you with a website branded to your practice and supported by proprietary e-commerce shopping cart technology, through which your patients can place orders for products in your store. Orders are purchased by the patient and shipped directly to them from the PureRXO.com fulfillment center in Southern California, allowing you to maximize your time treating patients while maintaining a profitable web presence.

Q. I’m new to PureRXO. How do I register for an account?

A. Visit www.PureRXO.com and click “Sign Up” in the header. You will provide basic contact information such as name, address, phone number, email, and desired URL. The format of this URL is www.PureRXO.com/yourchoice. Consider something easily recognizable for your practice and easy for patients to recall and enter into a web browser.

Q. How long does it take for my account to activate and for my website to be live?

A. Your PureRXO.com account is activated within 24-48 hours of completed sign up. As soon as your account is activated and you receive a welcome email, your website is live and available to patients to place orders. If you have any questions, call Tracy at 760-688-3199 and she will have the answers to all of your setup questions.

Q. Where and how do I log into my PureRXO.com account? What is my username and password?

A. To access your PureRXO.com dashboard, log in at www.pureRXO.com under “Professional Log In”. If you’ve forgotten your username and password, please call Tracy at 760-688-3199 or email her at Tracy@purerxo.com.

Q. How do my patients place orders? Do I provide them with log in account username and password?

A. Patients will visit your website and search for recommended products. At “check out,” they will be prompted to EITHER sign into an existing account if they have purchased before OR to set up a new patient account. To do so, they will use their own email address and a password of their choice. Patients may also choose to pay with their PayPal account.

Q. Why is my margin only 25-30% through PureRXO.com but 50% when I purchase at wholesale and dispense to patients from my office?

A. The cost of PureRXO.com hosting your website, managing the order management, shipping logistics, customer service, and ongoing design and development for your store is what you’re paying for. We’ve spent a lot of time talking with doctors and they don’t want to sell supplements but don’t want to order inventory, manage their stock, stay on top of re-orders and chase their vendors down when they run out of supplies. PureRXO.com is the solution for all these challenges and offers new recurring revenue opportunities for you to sell more supplements to your existing patients.

Q. Is there a minimum sales threshold I must reach in order to earn revenue from my PureRXO.com website?

A. There is no minimum sales threshold required in order to receive remuneration. All practitioners using PureRXO.com will receive remuneration on their patient orders regardless of total sales volume. Each month, the first 1000 in total sales will receive 25% remuneration. All sales over and above that first 1000 will receive 30% remuneration. Remunerations are distributed as a check to the address provided in your account. Checks will be sent monthly or quarterly depending on total product sales accrued.

Q. How do I market and advertise my website to my patients?

A. Many marketing solutions exist but we recommend the following to get started. You may email your URL to your clients, post this address in your office, or include it as a link on your existing practice website if you have one. You may also download and print the patient instruction cards from within your dashboard. These are an auto-filled two-sided card with your URL and contact information, with space for you to write your supplement recommendations and protocol for your patients. They also contain step-by-step instructions for patients to follow in order to place an order.

Q. Who can order from my website? Is it available to anyone or is there a level of approval/security so that I am aware of who is ordering?

A. Theoretically, anyone could place an order from your website. That said, these websites are not searchable through Google, so unless someone is given the exact website either by you or an acquaintance, it is unlikely that they would land on your website. Further, when an order is placed on your website, you will receive an order confirmation containing the patient’s name and order details. If you do not recognize this name, or you did not approve of the products purchased, please contact Tracy Barrilleaux at Tracy@purerxo.com and we will investigate further on your behalf.

Q. Is there educational information available to my patients through the website?

A. PureRXO.com provides your patients access to the HealthNotes, a third party database of health information. HealthNotes can be accessed through a link in the main navigation menu of your website.

Q. Can I create a link to my PureRXO.com website from my existing business/practice website?

A. Yes. You are encouraged to create a link on your existing website for your PureRXO.com website, enabling patients to easily access your PureRXO.com website to place orders.

Q. Do I have to customize my website for it to fully function and enable my patients to place orders?

A. No. Website customization does not hinder patients from placing orders. Your website is live and available to patients as soon as you receive the activation welcome email. You may customize your website at your leisure or not at all. If you chose to not customize it, the website will appear as the generic PureRXO template, with your name or website URL in the upper right corner as the identifying mark to your patients.

Q. Can I select favorite products to appear on my homepage, or remove certain products from appearing on the website?

A. Yes. From within your dashboard, click on “My Products.” Here you can customize which products appear on your website. Through “Product Picks,” you can select the products that appear on the homepage to facilitate efficient ordering for your patients.