Create an online dispensary platform for your brand and your health care practitioners with White-Label Store Services. Technology is the partner of the modern practitioner brand, so embrace it with  In less than a month, you can go to market with a platform like for your supplement brand and your customers that leverages all the capabilities of and more.

Private-Label Services for Practitioner Market

The practitioner market for dietary supplements and integrative-care products is rigorous and requires a high level of attention to purity, quality and evidence-based science. If your company desires to reach the highest level of patient care, then Pure RXO is here to facilitate the process and present it to our growing practitioner clients as a treatment option.

Pure RXO white-label brand client services is available to develop your online patient dispensary software solution.   Our team of designers, developers and user-interface experts will advise and guide your company through the development, marketing and fulfillment standards and requirements for a successful online-practitioner dispensary.

The Result: Loyal healthcare professionals that sell more of your product.       

Give your brand an edge with our proprietary software to help you support your healthcare professional customers. From years of experience with large direct-to-practitioner manufacturers, PureRXO™ has assisted in creating enhanced brand identity & awareness. This is a key differentiating factor that other brands simply don't have.

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