Pure RXO is not just an online dispensary. It is a practice-management service and information resource for healthcare practitioners. It is a valuable resource for medical colleges and students. It is also a partner for manufacturers with practitioner-grade products.

Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare professionals are under increasing pressure to manage the complexities of patient-centric care. Pure RXO understands the challenges because we are more than an online dispensary and supply chain system. Pure RXO is a team of healthcare experts, with the knowledge and experience to provide your practice with the tools it needs to thrive. or
Health Organizations and Medical Colleges
Pure RXO can create a customized solution for on-campus wellness programs and speaker series on the latest developments in integrative care. Pure RXO has access to scientists working in the fields of integrative-care research and product development. In addition, students and professors have free access to an on-line library of integrative care journals, such as Alternative Therapies, Integrative Medicine, Holistic Primary Care, Age Management Medicine Group and The Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine. Graduates also have priority status to develop their own private practice website and practice-management tools including a revenue building online dispensary. Learn more
PureRXO offers a proprietary software system to meet the needs of your practitioner clients. Let Pure RXO create a private labeled, direct-to-practitioner system for your company to reach integrative practitioners. PureRXO has years of experience creating successful brands and brand awareness in the practitioner market, which is a differentiating factor among other service providers.
Pure RXO will manage the ordering, stocking and inventory management process from your facility to the physician's office. In addition, our services inform physicians about new product introductions and provide peer-reviewed information to support patient recommendations. Pure RXO also facilitates white-label (private label) manufacturing for practitioner-grade products. Link to our Pure RXO private-label features.
Integrative Health Media
Pure RXO offers a free subscription to an integrative-care health library. In addition, Pure RXO has media partnership programs for publishing companies and professional associations that wish to reach integrative health care professionals.