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About Creston Chiropractic Clinic

Your health is our main concern and we hope it is yours too!

One of the reasons chiropractic care is so popular is that it is a safe, non-invasive and completely natural way of treating physical health conditions. This reduces the need for potentially damaging pharmaceutical treatments and/or major surgery.

Chiropractors approach health from a holistic point of view that treats the patient and not the symptoms. As a result, when you go to your chiropractor you know you can expect care that is centered around you as a whole person, not your symptom or your condition. Chiropractors provide your body with what it needs to heal, without compromising any other areas or generating harmful side effects.

Chiropractic care can be easily integrated into your current healthcare plan. Most chiropractors will work closely with your physician, family doctor, nutritionist, or any healthcare practitioner in order to provide the best solution to your health needs. Even if you are already seeing a doctor for your current ailment, a chiropractor can be a worthwhile addition.

Chiropractors are usually well-rounded in their training and approach to health. Therefore, your treatment plan will probably include any combination of the following treatments:

Spinal Adjustments
This is the foundation of all chiropractic work, and even though you might undergo other treatments, you will receive spinal adjustments during all visits to the clinic. Like the name suggests, your chiropractor makes adjustments in your spine as needed in order to achieve optimum vertebral alignments, and as a result help counter the negative effects of your specific condition. We go more in depth with the specifics of spinal adjustment in the last section.

Nutritional Guidance
Any holistic approach to health wouldn’t be complete without some sort of nutritional guidance. You really are what you eat, and although your chiropractor can help alleviate many conditions through the use of physical therapies, if you don’t follow a balanced diet your therapeutic outcome might not be optimal. Your chiropractor will help develop a nutritional plan that might include herbal remedies as well as vitamins and nutritional supplements.

We have recently added Massage Therapy on Wednesdays 3pm – 8pm beginning Mar. 11, 2015 with Licensed Massage Therapist Valeria Puk (#7876).

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