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Have you ever:
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Family History
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Do you experience pain every day?
Do your symptoms interfere with daily life?
Does pain wake you up at night?
Are your symptoms worse during certain times of the day?
Do changes in weather affect your symptoms?
Do you wear orthotics?
Do you take vitamin supplements?
What activities aggravate your symptoms?
Soft Drinks
Salty Foods
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Artificial Sweeteners
Have you ever suffered from:
Alcoholism Irregular Cycle
Allergies Kidney Infection
Anemia Kidney Stones
Arteriosclerosis Loss of memory
Arthritis Loss of balance
Asthma Loss of smell
Back Pain Loss of taste
Breast lump Lumps In Breast
Bronchitis Neck Pain or Stiffness
Bruise Easily Nervousness
Cancer Nosebleeds
Chest Pain/Conditions Pacemaker
Cold extremities Polio
Constipation Poor Posture
Cramps Prostate Trouble
Depression Sciatica
Diabetes Shortness of breath
Digestion Problems Sinus Infection
Dizziness Sleep problems/insomnia
Ears Ring Spinal Curvatures
Excessive Menstruation Stroke
Eye Pain/Difficulties Swelling of ankles
Fatigue Swollen Joints
Frequent Urination Thyroid Condition
Headache Tuberculosis
Hemorrhoids Ulcers
High Blood Pressure Varicose Veins
Hot Flashes Venereal Disease
Irregular Heart Beat Other:



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