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VitaLife-MD offers a new integrative medicine model of care that focuses on well-being and disease prevention as well as patient education and empowerment. The goal is to help our patients optimize their physical, mental, and emotional overall health status so that they can live a longer, healthier, and happier life.


We are a group of caring, compassionate, expert health professionals dedicated to working in active partnership with our patients. Depending on each individual needs our comprehensive, personalized approach to health and healing combines lifestyle recommendations, preventive care, hormone balancing, and various alternative or conventional medicine treatments as needed.

We offer pioneer science-based age management programs that will help reduce the risks of age-related health conditions and improve physical and mental energy at any age. Finally, inspired by our medical director Dr Fradin-Read, we add a unique European/French touch which brings to the practice another originality to our care.


We are more than a classical medical office. We believe that each patient has a "capital of heath" that can be optimized through guidance and education. We offer a platform for health promotion where anyone, in a highly private and comfortable environment, can learn about healthy lifestyle, wellness, and antiaging related topics. We connect our patients with a network of heath care providers interested in looking at a different and more efficient model of healthcare. We are engaged on the new pathway of integrative medicine for a proactive and personalized approach to optimal health.

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