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14 Day Detox Program
by Designs for Health

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14 Day Detox Program - This program has a shorter duration than our other popular detoxification programs, yet it remains comprehensive in scope and true to the Design for Health philosophy.

We encounter toxic substances from many different facets of life. Sources such as pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals enter the body through food, water, and air supplies and become trapped in our tissues and organs. Over time these substances can negatively impact our health, reduce our vitality and eventually may contribute to the development of chronic diseases.

Using a combination of carefully selected products and a methodical step-by-step diet plan, the 14 Day Detox/Cleanse Program was designed in order to introduce people to a healthy cleansing process without having to commit to a longer regimen. It is ideal for those with busy schedules or anyone new to the concept of detoxification.

Potential Benefits of Detoxification:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Weight loss and reduction in body fat
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • More restful sleep, clearer thinking, and happier mood
  • Establish healthy habits for improved long-term health
  • One Kit Contains: 1 - PaleoCleanse™ Powder 1 - PurePea™ Vanilla Powder 1 - Amino-D-Tox™ 90 capsules 1 - Hydrolyzyme™ 60 capsules 1 - 14 Day Detox/Cleanse Patient Guide 1 - Blender bottle 1 - Reusable bag made from recyclable materials

    Product Change Announcement Plant Enzyme Digestive Formula has been removed from the 14 Day Detox Program and replaced by Hydrolyzyme™, a superior proteolytic enzyme formula specifically designed to improve digestion and absorption of protein consumed as a shake or liquid meal. It’s the perfect product to use in our 14 Day Detox Program. Protein supplements consumed as a shake or liquid meal pass through the stomach more quickly than solid meals. Since protein digestion is initiated in the stomach, less time in the stomach means less time for digestion. Hydrolyzyme™ compensates for that problem by producing almost complete digestion of protein supplements in 30 minutes or less. Hydrolyzyme™ is effective with a variety of protein supplements, including pea, whey, soy, egg, casein and hemp protein.

    Supplement Facts:

    Suggested Use: -


    Ingredients AMT %DV
    - - -

    Other Ingredients: For detox guidelines please refer to the 14 Day Detox/Cleanse Patient Guide.

    (-) There is no %DV or the manufactuer has not provided this data.

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